How to Win at Baccarat Using Flat Bet

Why Most “Systems” Lose

Most, if not all Baccarat “systems” stay in one spot and repeat themselves over and over with the same mechanical rules. The inherent random nature of the game will definitely pick the system apart over time and establish it harmless. The purpose of getting an edge in Baccarat is to turn this scenario back over บาคาร่า towards the casino and have you pick the shoe apart instead using a Baccarat method of play instead. We know we cannot stay in one spot and grow effective in beating a game that is always changing up its face on us. We need to fight “like with like” and then improve our results to manufacture a predictable pattern from what was once indefinable. What we have inked in this regard is established order from chaos, the legitimate answer to the Baccarat code.

How can This Game Be Usual?

The casino sits on such a small edge in Baccarat and it is inevitable someone would figure out the DNA of this game and really hammer away at it. The difficulties players have been seeing is the chaos of the decisions within the shoe(s) and the fact no one knows what the next hand is going to consistently bring.

I will tell you now I don’t attempt to try and know this either and a player should not bank on this illusion or wishful thinking. We do not and cannot know what every hand provides based on the last or series of past events, since each hand is separate from the others. On the other hand, the shoe as a “whole entity” can be worked through which have definable patterns exposed throughout it.

Flat Bet — A real Advantage

A player should use flat bet only while playing. Using a flat bet approach is the premier way of playing Baccarat because of the low risk it entails and the fact you don’t have to throw more money at the game to come away with a profit. In addition, you can bet larger amounts because you don’t have to double your guarantee after every loss as with a Martingale bet selection. Flat bet is the only way to know if a method has a real advantage over the game and casino experts always say, “if you can’t beat if flat bet, don’t try at all. inch I agree with this point and use flat bet every time I play at the tables.

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